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AI animation

Animating Superheroes with AI Deforum

Animating with AI might sound like a walk in the park, but the reality is it takes a lot of trial and error to consistently get good results. Contrary to what many anti-AI folks think, there isn’t a single magic button that instantly produces amazing art. Deforum is a handy tool in Stable Diffusion that lets you set prompts at different points in the timeline and control a ‘camera’ in 2D or 3D space. The user interface for controlling these isn’t the most intuitive, but after some messing around, I reckon I’ve got the hang of it — and I did some experiments.

gpt4 banner

Building a banner ad with GPT-4

I’ve done a ton of banner ads in my career. I have been using chatGPT (and GPT-4) to play around with a few coding projects. So, I thought why not test if it can build an animated banner ad. How cool would that be?

kinder feature

Can an app make you be kinder?

By doing or saying nice things to other people you can make yourself feel happier. That was the insight we used to come up with an idea for an app back in 2015.