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Google is taking forever to fix this Chrome iOS bug

There is an annoying bug on the iOS version of Google Chrome. Yes, there is a temporary fix—but Google is taking forever to officially update the app with a permanent fix.

If like me you use Google Chrome as your default browser on your iPhone, tell me if you haven’t come across this annoying bug: You are browsing a website when accidentally you tilt your phone sideways, and the whole screen rotates—just for a moment—and when you rotate it back an annoying margin remains on the screen. The viewport appears to have been shrunk and you can’t get rid of it until you refresh the whole damn page again. See below:

Screen recording taken on 21st Feb 2021 showing the Reddit home page on Chrome/iOS

This has been a known issue, and has been reported in the Google support forums. It can also be found in the Chromium bug reports—and the comments in the report even mention that a fix has been pushed by the dev teams—which however is still not available on any iOS app store updates.

The temporary fix

At last until Google officially has pushed out the fix via the appstore, here’s how to get rid of the annoying bug:

  1. Open Chrome on iOS and go to the following address: chrome://flags
  2. Scroll down to find Fullscreen Smooth Scrolling
  3. Select disable from the dropdown
  4. Quit and restart Chrome

Until Google decides to push the final fix there’s going to be a lot of designers and developers trying to explain to their clients why their mobile website appears to be broken.