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invite only feature

Invite-only apps

  • Apps, UX

When a new app is launched there are several reasons to make it “invite-only”. On the surface, it may appear to be some sort of a marketing ploy—to drive interest and hype. Giving the invite a VIP status makes access to the app feel like getting into a super exclusive club.

dispo feature

Dispo: add me to your rolls

  • Apps

Unlike most of the social media apps out there, Dispo works on the concept of delayed gratification. Once you take a picture, you have to wait until 9am the next morning to have them “develop”. You have no control over the edit, or how they look. The app also introduces…

clubhbouse twitter spaces feature 1

Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces: An audio renaissance

  • Apps

You know it—every single advertising pitch deck is going to have that one slide with a stupid Clubhouse idea. Clubhouse is going to be the ‘next big thing’ and the buzzword that is going to be thrown around in workshops and meetings all around adland and it’s already starting.

kinder feature

Can an app make you be kinder?

By doing or saying nice things to other people you can make yourself feel happier. That was the insight we used to come up with an idea for an app back in 2015.