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Audiblogs: A human-like AI blog and article reader

There are lots of cool things that get featured on Product Hunt. Rarely do I come across something that can impact or positively influence some part of my life. When I came across it first, I had glanced over the listing for Audiblogs and didn’t think too much about it. Then I saw a few tweets about it—and I realised that Audiblogs was a gamechanger!

Yeah sure, Pocket has a similar feature too. However, you are limited to listening to any of the articles within the Pocket app. With Audiblogs, you get a unique RSS feed that you can plugin into any podcast player, including my favourite Podcast player of choice—Overcast.

The Game-changer

I’ve previously written about how I listen to a lot of podcasts in 2x. This chrome extension has an AI reader narrating the text in a near humanlike way, you could mistake it for a real person. And yes, you can 2x this narration too!

I’m a lazy reader, and skim through a lot of articles I come across. I also huge collections of saved up articles on Pocket and Notion. The worst part is that I never go back and read those articles. However, now with Audiblogs, I can just load it up as a podcast, and ‘read’ them while doing chores or running errands.


At a time when there are so many new podcasts do we need more audio form content? To me—the more the merrier! Apart from the obvious benefits for the visually impaired, I think that Audiblogs can bring more written form content to the masses—especially to the lazy readers like me. It will also push podcasters and producers to up their game a bit, and I truly believe that good content will always bubble up and be shared and talked about eventually.

It’s been a while since I have come across something this revolutionary. As of now, Audiblogs is free. Like with all free products there will come a time when this will end—either when they can’t afford the upkeep of all the tech and server costs to store and share all those AI generated audio files, or when someone like Spotify eventually acquires them. I just hope that they don’t get acquired by Google or Apple and get lost into a black hole of nothingness—anybody remember Bump?

Not convinced? Listen to this blogpost on Audiblogs.

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