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I’m addicted to Midjourney AI

AI art has quickly become one of the most talked about topics in the town.

There are many of these AI generators out there, such as Dalle-E 2, Stable Diffusion, and especially the new version of Midjourney (v4), which is capable of producing unbelievable results and has quickly become super addictive.

I have used it to generate photorealistic Polaroids, film photos from the 80s, and even futuristic imaginations. I have also asked it to generate graphic design, including websites, apps, dashboards UIs, movie posters, book covers, logos, and billboard ads — the possibilities are endless.

Despite some quirks, these AI-generated works are great sources of inspiration and provide a solid foundation for designers looking to get started.

Here are some examples (with prompts) that I made using Midjourney.

image 1
batgirl with mask in the London Underground, metro, realistic, shot on 70mm, dslr, hyperreal, volumetric lighting, kodak portra 400, crowd  --q 2  --v 4

image 2
Santa Claus in toy workshop, in the style of Wes Anderson, photorealistic, cinematic, shot on 30mm --ar 3:2  --v 4

image 3
logo for tagine, designed by Aaron Draplin  --q 2  --v 4

image 4
<> holographic op art glamor portrait  --q 2  --v 4

image 5
city of London in the style of Islamic Architecture, volumetric ultra high detail, dramatic sky, teal and orange colour palette, 8k --q 2 --ar 3:2  --v 4

image 6
interior design of Sri Lankan living room, designed by Geoffrey bawa, for modern times with earthy finishes and cozy detailing throughout, plants --ar 2:3  --v 4

image 7
spiderman with mask holographic op art glamor portrait  --q 2  --v 4

image 8
playing card king Batman, line art illustration  --q 2  --v 4

image 9
beautiful app design for bubble tea, ux, ui, ux/ui, behance, dribbble::5  --q 2  --v 4

image 10
beautiful app UI design, the avengers, marvel superheroes, behance, dribbble::5 --v 4 --q 2  --v 4

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