Why crediting creators matter

Crediting a creator, an artist, or a writer for their original work is important.

Sure, sometimes you get sucked into a shitty contract or deal—like Batman creators Bob Kane and Bill Finger. Sometimes you just don’t care if you get credited or not: as long as you feel like you are contributing to a greater cause, or maybe even you get a comfortable pay cheque.

So then what’s so precious about getting credit for a piece of work that you did? It helps the creator build credibility. It also facilitates discoverability. This all leads to the creator seeking out better fulfilling work, perhaps for better compensation. This leads to better work and meaningful career progression. By not crediting the creators we simply rob them of all of that.

Some would say this endeavour is egotistical, maybe even goes against team spirit and misses out on the many contributors and collaborators that helped those creator’s work to where it was. To that I say: credit them all! Like in the movies. Everyone who helped make something should be recognised for their time and effort.

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