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Can you get rich quick with NFTs?

No. Just don’t even try.

NFT’s are booming, and crypto art market places are being flooded with so much art—both good and bad—in the hopes that theirs would be picked by an angel crypto investor. Some are even sliding into the DMs of crypto artists who are doing well so they can get invitations to exclusive NFT marketplaces. Others are trying to learn to make digital art ‘the quick way’ and churn something out in the hope of making that hustle—that quick buck.

Art has never been a get rich quick scheme.

Beeple’s art sold for millions because he was at the daily grind for literal years. The same could be said about Da Vinci, Monet, Picasso, Warhol or even Anish Kapoor.

Create. Create often. Then hopefully wealth and fame will follow you.