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A TV tracking system on Notion

There’s so much content to watch it can be dizzying and overwhelming. There are so many TV shows I’d start to watch and then forget to get back to it. I also get so many good recommendations from friends and see cool new trailers for new tv shows. Or discover old ones that I never got to.

All the streaming platforms and apps available to watch stuff doesn’t help with this either. I’ve used various TV episode tracking services such as Trakt (I still use it). However, I wanted something where I can quickly access, glance, and update stuff. Something where I can organise and cross of stuff based on my own unique preferences.

Notion to the rescue.

After being inspired by many awesome Notion templates—an idea sparked to solve my TV show tracking issues. Notion’s superpower lies in its databases. I’ve used just one database and created multiples filtered views based on how I catalogue the progress of watching the shows in my mind.

It’s still work-in-progress and very much incomplete. But for now—it does give me the information I need. This also means it’s one less thing for me to think about and clears out that mental space in my brain.

The template

notion screenshots

The system is broken down to 5 sections:

  1. Now watching
  2. On hiatus
  3. Paused
  4. Yet to start
  5. Finished

I really wanted a ‘paused’ section, because there are quite a lot of shows that I’ve just stopping mid-way—but want to continue watching it sometime later. Having this section will let me know where to continue watching from.

Feel free to duplicate the template on Notion and remix it!