credit your creators

Why crediting creators matter

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Crediting a creator, an artist, or a writer for their original work is important. Sure, sometimes you get sucked into a shitty contract or deal—like Batman creators Bob Kane and Bill Finger. Sometimes you…

get rich nft feature

Can you get rich quick with NFTs?

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NFT’s are booming, and crypto art market places are being flooded with art–in the hopes that theirs would be picked by an angel crypto investor. Some are even sliding into the DMs of crypto artists who are doing well so they can get invitations to exclusive NFT marketplaces…

comics nft feature

What if Marvel and DC did NFTs?

Art is hard. Making a living out of it is even harder, especially if you are starting out. There are also a lot of talented artists who never get to catch a break. What NFTs and the whole crypto art movement has done is allowed a new era of artists to have their moment. Maybe it’s time for comic book artists too.

invite only feature

Invite-only apps

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When a new app is launched there are several reasons to make it “invite-only”. On the surface, it may appear to be some sort of a marketing ploy—to drive interest and hype. Giving the invite a VIP status makes access to the app feel like getting into a super exclusive club.

dispo feature

Dispo: add me to your rolls

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Unlike most of the social media apps out there, Dispo works on the concept of delayed gratification. Once you take a picture, you have to wait until 9am the next morning to have them “develop”. You have no control over the edit, or how they look. The app also introduces…

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Saving money with a fidget cube

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A few years ago my friend and ex-creative partner Ryan and I came up with an idea to link a fidget cube to your bank account. What if every time you click…

aaron draplin logos

Favourite Graphic Designers: Aaron Draplin

If I had to pick just one designer whose work I really envy—it has to be Aaron Draplin. His use of solid colours and thick lines make his work distinct and unique. Whenever you look at his work you can’t but just drool over how visually stunning they look.

notion tracker

A TV tracking system on Notion

After being inspired by many awesome Notion templates—an idea sparked to solve my TV show tracking issues. Notion’s superpower lies in its databases and I’ve used just one database and created multiples filtered views based on how I catalogue the progress of watching the shows in my mind.

clubhbouse twitter spaces feature 1

Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces: An audio renaissance

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You know it—every single advertising pitch deck is going to have that one slide with a stupid Clubhouse idea. Clubhouse is going to be the ‘next big thing’ and the buzzword that is going to be thrown around in workshops and meetings all around adland and it’s already starting.